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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Many people and dog owners ask themselves why their dog eats grass. It is quite possible that some of them have seen their dog eating grass and then regurgitating this green stuff. In other words, you're not the only one whose dog does this. Your grass-eating dog is in good company, as this is fairly typical canine behavior and especially during the spring months (April, May and June).

Read on to learn more about the common reasons why dogs eat grass and the possible health reasons for this type of behavior.

So, why do dogs eat grass?

Some dogs simply just love the taste

Indeed, some dogs simply like grass… Especially when it is young, green and soft. They also enjoy the texture of grass, which is different from the dry kibble or fresh/wet food they usually find in their food bowls. So even though your dog is getting the recommended amount of food every day, they are biologically programmed to forage for food and will continue to do so.

Yes dogs get bored sometimes too..

In some cases, dogs eat grass in the park or garden to pass the time, especially when owners are busy with other things and have less time to share their attention. In some cases, your dog also knows how to play it in such a way that they consciously eat grass to attract the owner's attention. Either way, your dog needs something to keep himself entertained besides sleeping, and a green snack often does the trick. Is somewhat comparable to our telephone behavior in recent years.

Their bodies need it (show me the grasss)

Veterinarians, scientists and many others like them will tell you that eating grass can indicate nutritional deficiencies such as vitamins, minerals, fiber or chlorophyll. Grass can be considered a good source of fiber and eating it helps keep your dog's body functions running smoothly. If you are concerned about your dog's diet due to eating grass, always consult with your vet.

It may be related to stomach upset

Many experts agree that some dogs eat grass to induce vomiting, which in turn can help ease stomach upset. However, there is no scientific evidence that this is actually the case. It's all how you want to look at it; does your dog eat grass because he/she has an upset stomach and wants to vomit? Or does your dog get an upset stomach after eating the grass? Who's to say?

My dog eats grass, should I be concerned?

Chances are you came to read this blog because you recently saw your dog eat grass and may have also been able to clean up a heap of yellow green bile vomit. If so, take it from us; if your dog eats grass and vomits, but seems fine afterwards, he/she is probably perfectly healthy and your dog is just doing it because that's dog behavior. If your dog eats grass all the time and continues to vomit frequently, consult your vet and go for a check up.

Is it wise to stop your dog from eating grass?

If it is sporadic behavior, this is not necessarily necessary. However, if this often starts to become recurring behavior, this is advisable. While fresh, green grass can be tender and tasty, you can never tell for sure whether this has been sprayed with toxic chemicals or contaminated with intestinal parasites such as hookworm and giardia.

It is also important to keep in mind that many indoor and outdoor plants can be toxic to dogs, especially when eaten. For an overview of poisonous plants for dogs, visit the overview of medpets .


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