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Our dog collar

Our GULA dog collars are designed for both the owner and the dog; elegant design, functional & sturdy and a comfortable fit. The collars are made in our own workshop in Amsterdam and are specifically measured for each dog based on the specified neck size. Quality is our top priority, it is in everyone's interest that our products are made of the best materials; durable, water resistant, antibacterial and rustproof.


Materials & Applications

Collar Materials:

- Biothane = High quality nylon in combination with a US patented TPU coating

- Solid brass hardware


- 2 x strap connection options so that the buckle can stay in place

- Striking design

- Durable

- Water, odor and mold resistant

- Does not wear or tear



At GULA we have consciously chosen to work with the patented Biothane. By using this product, we assure our users of a long-lasting and animal-friendly product life. Walking with GULA stands for walking with quality. This means that our products can withstand the frequent running, playing, swimming and sleeping of your four-legged friend without too much wear and tear.


Biothane is a new, patented, structured fabric with a plastic coating that is much better than conventional materials for equestrian sports, outdoor activities and dog supplies. The main superiority comes into play when assessing the durability, hygiene, handling and comfort of the material.

Biothane looks and feels very similar to genuine leather, but without the traditional drawbacks. Biothane products are resistant to:

- Cracks
- Bacteria
- Distort
- Attracting odors
- Become inflexible
- Curls (by water)

Easy to clean and tear resistant:

The GULA dog collars are easy to clean and are odor resistant. The use of Biothane also adds extreme strength to the collar and eliminates potential weak spots that occur with traditional leather.


The GULA dog collar is an all-weather dog collar. Water (both fresh and salty), sun and heat do not affect the qualities of the collar. No unwanted odors, dirt, bacteria, fungi or other unwanted substances.

Quality comfort for human dog:

Biothane products are light, flexible and stylishly designed. Our GULA - dog collars will not irritate or stick to your dog's fur and skin.

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