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How did I wash my dog?

Wash dog

The weather is changing, the days are getting wetter again and with that the dog is automatically a lot dirtier. A little water, a little shampoo and scrub away... How hard can it be to bathe your dog? That is sometimes more difficult than you might think. Whether your dog is a regular bather at home or refuses to come near when you get ready to wash him or her. Regular bathing is an important part of caring for your dog.

How often should I bathe my dog?

In general, bathing your dog once a month is sufficient. However, this is breed dependent; some dogs with longer, thicker or fast-growing coats may require more frequent baths or trips to the groomer. If you're not sure how often to scrub your dog, check with a groomer or your vet. For many of you it is already a habit and for some perhaps not yet, but the success of a healthy coat, skin and dog stands or falls with washing your dog once a month. In some cases, this may need to be done more often once your dog has decided it's time for a new scent and decides to try the latest dead mole or mering fish perfume.

A dog's skin is constantly renewing and refreshing itself. This means that a new layer of skin cells develops every about 30 days. Old cells let go (sometimes including the hair) and start to flake. A monthly bathing session can help ensure that this kind of flakes and hair are neatly disposed of instead of threatening to take over your home.

Where do I start?

okay, okay! I'm convinced, but where do I start? Your first decision should be whether to bathe the dog at home or to go to a groomer. The size of your dog will probably have a big influence on your choice. You can wash a small dog in the sink, while a large dog needs more space and a shower cubicle or bath is not an unnecessary luxury. There are even baths and shower cabins especially for dogs. However, these are not very popular in the Netherlands, but they can help you prevent fur and dirt from clogging your bath. But yes, looking realistic if you prefer to give your dog a bath in its own bath, that's fine too. The most important thing is that you choose a place where you can safely get your dog in and out of the cleaning area.

Ho stop, don't start yet. Before you start, always make sure you have all your washing products and tools (comb, brush, etc.) at hand before turning on the tap. Make sure everything is within reach and that you can keep your dog well under control. It doesn't seem ideal to me to think halfway through the shower session that the shampoo is still in the living room and then a wet dog flies through your house and refuses to return to the bathroom. Another important point is your own safety; make sure you are stable and do not work on a slippery surface. What should you have ready anyway: shampoo, conditioner (optional) a towel and a GULA bathrobe of course.

Which shampoo or conditioner should I use for my dog?

As a human being you don't wash your hair with Dreft or face cream. So why would you wash your dog with human shampoo? Be sure to use shampoo made specifically for dogs. The skin of dogs has a different pH value than that of humans. Using human shampoo on dogs can cause skin irritation. If you have any doubts about the shampoo to choose. Consult your groomer or vet for advice. There are many different dog shampoos for sale. In addition to the standard shampoos, there are also variants that help against itchy skin, fleas and other ailments. Always check the package insert carefully before using this type of shampoo on your dog.

After bathing your dog, applying a conditioner is the next important step. When you shampoo your hair, you remove many of the natural oils from the skin and hair. To prevent this you can use a special dog conditioner. This moisturizes the skin and seals all the cells on the outside of the hair shaft itself.

Dog shampoo / conditioner suggestions:

  • OxyFresh dog shampoo : Strong cleansing shampoo that does not use alcohol or other irritating chemicals.
  • Virbac dog shampoo : Specially developed for use with serious skin problems. Sebolitic also has a soothing and anti-irritant effect and contains Spherulites® and essential fatty acids.
  • YUUP conditioner : Made with botanical formula with natural extracts from Bamboo and Lotus flowers, enriched with rice proteins and sunflower seeds.

…ok and now scrub

We know what we need to have ready and which products do and do not work well. When the dog also feels like it, we can start. Make sure the water is lukewarm, because too cold and too hot water can increase stress for the dog. Next, make sure your dog's coat is completely soaked with water. In some cases, this can be a challenge if you have a dog with a particularly thick or water-resistant coat, such as a Labrador or a Shar Pei.

Now the scrubbing can begin. Be sure to avoid the sensitive areas, including the eyes, inner ears, and face. Lather the shampoo well and add some water if necessary. Massage your dog while rubbing in the shampoo, treat your dog just as you are treated when you are in Rob Peetoom's chair. Provide comfort, a good juice story and then let the shampoo work on the coat for a few minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly with water.

Pop in a clothespin and let it dry

Wherever you bathe your dog, never forget to dry him or her properly. Drying your dog after a bath is an essential part of the bathing process and should be taken just as seriously as the bathing itself. Dogs with thick coats should be dried thoroughly to avoid moist patches in the undercoat. When moisture lingers in the undercoat, this can lead to hot spots on the skin that become scalding and irritating. This can lead to the development of Atopic Dermatitis, a common skin condition in dogs, which causes sores and pain to the skin.

How does it work? First dry your dog as well as possible, using a towel (or GULA bathrobe as a towel) or a hair dryer especially for dogs (a human hair dryer on a cold setting is also possible). If you have a dog with long hair, it is wise to comb the fur well in the meantime to prevent tangles.

How do I protect my home from a wet dog?

There is only one correct answer to this. If you want to prevent your dog from rubbing against the wall or lying wet on the couch, you can teach him or her, or put on a bathrobe from GULA . What? A dog in a bathrobe? Of course! Our GULA dog bathrobe is designed for both the owner and the dog; elegant design, functional and a comfortable light fit for the dog. Our GULA dog bathrobe is ideal for when your dog has just been washed, comes from the beach and has to get into the car or has been walking outside in the rain. The bathrobe is made of microfiber and has a moisture-absorbing function that ensures that your dog is dry again in no time. The bathrobe always stays in place thanks to the flap that runs under the belly and can be fastened with Velcro.


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