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Goede doel van dit jaar

We must do it together! GULA is more than just a great collar, leash or other dog product, GULA gives back to our pet friends around the world. Each year we select an independent charity that we will support ( € 2.00 per payment of a leash or collar ) throughout the year. This charity is featured on our socials and our website so they can tell their story and inspire more people to give back!

Our charity this year is all about looking for a new home for many four-legged friends. Read more or visit thewebsite.

Verhuisdieren is an online platform where people who are looking for a pet or babysitter can go, but also people who are looking for another home or help with the care of their dog, cat or rabbit.

Supply and demand are brought together in a responsible manner by matching the needs of the animal to the wishes of humans. By linking the pet seeker to people who can no longer care for their pet, cats and dogs can move directly from their old owner to a new one. This saves them a stay in the shelter. Because the search and placement of animals at Verhuisdieren cannot be done anonymously and no high amounts may be charged for animals, users can assume that the adoption is reliable and that there is no commercial interest.

The animals listed on Verhuisdieren are dogs, cats and rabbits that the old owners can no longer care for. Or they are animals from abroad that would otherwise face a tough street life. Looking for a new home for your animal is often a difficult emotional decision. You want the best for your animal, so you are looking for an owner that fits him or her completely. If you bring your animal to the shelter, you do not know who your dog or cat will end up with. And it is quite difficult to find the right match via the internet in this way.

How do you adopt via

1. Create a user account and set up a search profile
2. Find out which animals match
3. Contact the current owner or rescue foundation
4. Make an appointment to meet the pet in person
5. Adopt your new companion

MORE INFORMATION - Visit thewebsite

Mehr Informationen

Contribution from the participating parties

To receive the contact details of the current pet owner, we ask you to become a donor. The minimum amount is 25,- with the possibility of extension. Your contribution is valid for one year and you can show interest in an unlimited number of animals on our website. For our part, we use these contributions to maintain and improve our platform.

Pet owners looking for a new home for their dog, cat or rabbit can create a profile for their animal for free.

Monthly Placements:

900 pets are placed every month. Both relocated and from abroad.

User Rating:

The users of our platform (on both sides) rate our platform with a 9.2!

ANBI - certified:

Our charity has been certified as a Public Benefit Institution by the Tax Authorities ANBI.


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