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My furfurr brings all the dogs to the park, And they're like.. bark bark bark!

Best treatment for my dog's fur

People keep complementing me about my soft and shiny fur. Ohh Gula you are so soft, you smell so nice, wow girl your glow, amazing! I know I know, I look and feel fabulous. The way my fur looks and smells is a result of how I feel and how I am physically doing from the inside.

My fur says a lot about my health. Petting, playing and a regular cuddle mostly causes our humans to notice any difference in our fur. What about yours? Even though you feel ok, your fur may tell indicate something different. If there’s a noticeable change in your fur/ coat’s quality, this could be a sign of some sort of problem. Some examples of common coat issues could be: 

Thinning hair (say whaat?)

Something your pet human can definitely go crazy about. For a human, the fur on their head is their everything. Therefore it should also be for you, if your hair is thinning all over your perfectly shaped body this could be a sign that something is off. Your human should keep an eye on this and if it doesn’t improve, he/ she should have you checked out (at the vet, not at a mental institution because you are more than fine). A potential reason for this could be that one of your thyroid glands is failing in the process of producing enough hormones… Other symptoms could be that you hate the cold (tough luck if you are living on the North-pole), your skin is scaling or you are gaining more weight (don’t worry too much, you would still look good with some extra pounds). 

Smelly dog, smelly dog, what are they feeding you?

Are you smelly (I love it)? Is your pet human staying away from sniffing out your delicious doggy odor? Well even though you might not notice, sometimes our skin can become a little too smelly (I would say the smellier the better, decomposing animals in the park are my favorite fragrance). Well, this smell can come from an overproduction of oil that could be a direct result of a yeast infection, allergy or once again; those thyroid glands. 

Dull hair? Lost your shine, lost your walk?

Did the dogs in the park stop howling at you? Is your lover more interested in that hot sexy thing on the corner showing of his/ her shiny coat?? Well girlfriend (even if you are a male) we need to get your dull fur fixed pronto and get everyone in that park howling for you to come out and play! The most common fix for this problem is pretty easy actually. Get your human to brush you more often (in order to remove that old layer of coat and stimulate your skin). Furthermore, ask him / her to add some more fatty acids to your diet.

For example:
- Raw eggs (not too often)
- Salmon oil (or salmon, depending how much of a diva you are)
- Sheep fat (a spray or two will suffice and make your dinner even more yum)
- Omega 3 fish oil capsule (dissolve in some hot water and mix with food)

As you can see, there is a lot you can ask your human to help you with. The above stated examples will help you boost your fatty acid reserves, but in the long run, you should check out your entire diet plan to keep on shining like a diamond (Rihanna is also a fabulous b*tch and we love her for that!)

Ok pack, so remember, mind your fur, smell your coat (and some other doggies’ ass tomorrow in the park) and stay healthy!



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