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Our Products

Every pupper deserves quality produce, because to look great you need to feel good. GULA sources materials of the highest quality to create collars and leashes that will stand the trial of time, wear, and weather. The products are resistant to water, longer use, and even your furry friend’s teeth.

On top of that, GULA provides diversity for everyone trying to sniff it out on the market. It offers a carefully considered selection of colors and materials that will show you that you are barking up the right tree.

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The future of GULA

Product vision

As mentioned in our brand story, the idea for GULA occurred out of need for dog accessories that are affordable, accessible, durable and also important, good looking. This need does not stop with the creation of the GULA dog collar and leash. We believe that every owner and every dog deserve quality products of excellent quality and that allow a dog be and act like itself.

This mission will keep GULA pushing for more and more quality products that look great and function even better!

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